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A Perfect Menu for Remote Accounting and Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping used to be a manual, paper-intensive process. In the old days, it wasn’t uncommon for a bookkeeper to be presented with a shoebox full of receipts to work with upon being hired. Today, powerful software and cloud accounting services do away with much of the paper and manual work, but bookkeeping is still a critical business function that can make or break a small business’s success.

Much is expected of today’s accountants and bookkeepers. In addition to honesty, integrity, and attention to details, today’s clients want quick service, easy access to information, and reporting that allows a company’s fiscal health to be monitored closely. Naturally, every organization has slightly different needs. What today’s business needs is a menu of services from which to choose. A virtual bookkeeping or remote bookkeeping environment that allows access to expertise and generates a strong return on investment is ideal for the small business.

How the Role of the Accountant Has Evolved

Accountants and bookkeepers have always crunched numbers. They still do. Today, however, they also have powerful tools that allow for unprecedented accuracy and speed. This allows the accountant or bookkeeper to transcend the role of number cruncher and become a trusted business advisor who can answer critical questions and help business owners keep their finances on track at all times, spot problems early, and help resolve them.

Remote Business Bookkeeping Removes Geographic Constraints

The great thing about remote business bookkeeping is how the cloud and broadband technology remove geographic constraints. Your accountant or bookkeeper doesn’t have to be under your roof; he or she may be hundreds or thousands of miles away. Cloud technology makes it as if you’re right next to your bookkeeping provider. Maybe you live where it’s hard to find excellent bookkeeping and accounting services. That’s no longer a problem, because these professionals can work for you remotely.

Technology Expands Options for Every Size and Type of Business

The combination of the cloud and increasingly powerful accounting and bookkeeping software options have resulted in businesses having more options than ever in terms of acquiring the exact services they need. Your single-person business or your expanding small company can access what it needs, on the precise scale it needs it. You may need a full service solution, or to pick various “a la carte” offerings from a menu of services. Technology makes it possible, and skilled, experienced accounting professionals put the technology to work the way you need it.

Professional Bookkeeping Is an Investment That Pays Off

If you run a small business, you may feel as if you can’t afford to hire a professional for business bookkeeping. However, if you consider how the costs of hiring a professional can offset other costs, while preventing expensive mistakes and having access to a professional to help you grow your profits, you may conclude that you can’t afford not to hire a professional. In fact, you can – and should – expect a return on your investment in business bookkeeping services.

Many small business owners aren’t aware of the many options they have access to in terms of bookkeeping and accounting services. The cloud has allowed these services to be tailored and scaled exactly right for each client, offering the peace of mind of knowing these services are handled by experienced professionals, without the overhead of hiring someone to perform these services on-site.

If you’re a small business owner and are concerned about your business bookkeeping services meeting your needs and expectations, we can work with you to create a solution that’s the perfect size and offers the perfect services for your business. Contact us today, and let’s talk about what services from a full “menu” of bookkeeping and accounting will be exactly right for you.

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