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Run your business by the numbers

to build success for yourself,

your employees and

your community. 

We provide a wide range of services to suit your needs:


Need a system to record your finances? Want up-to-date financial information? We can come up with a solution tailored to your business.


Tired of doing your own invoices and billing? Not sure if you’re recording transactions correctly? We have the know-how to get it done right.

     Advisory Services

Want to know what your reports mean? Wondering if it’s a good idea to expand? Our advisory services can help you decide where to go next.


We offer many affordable services, from basic year-end 1099 to bi-weekly, semi-monthly, and monthly direct deposit and quarterly payroll returns.

       Sales Tax Returns

We will calculate your sales tax dues and provide the support needed so you can easily submit your forms each month.


Is accounting all the same, or different from industry to industry?

All businesses need accounting and bookkeeping, whether you are graphic designer, restaurant owner or medical professional. So one would think that all accounting is the same, especially as the financial reports are not radically different from each other. However, transactions between different industries will tell us different stories even if the end result is the same. Because of this, setting up your all-in-one system or having an all in-one accountant will cost your business a loss of potential profits. 

So why settle for less?

At first it might seem more cost effective. All-in-one solutions might have lower pricing due to servicing ALL or MOST of industries by creating the same reports. All-in-one means your results are averages equal to the summary of multiple other businesses regardless of their unique services or products. The question arises... do you want AVERAGE results  - or- results specific to your unique business operations?

What does this means for you?

When you hire an accounting professional who understands your industry, you are benefiting in terms of having financial reports tailored to your specific industry. Additionally, the accounting professional that specializes in your industry is aware of the industry challenges, and your transactions will be posted with that in mind. Which means that your reports will tell your business story according your business specific operations. 

Also, your accounting professional can provide advice for what has worked and what has not for other businesses in your industry and your business can greatly benefit from advisory services support. Lastly, accounting professionals specializing in your industry will be able to provide support beyond general accounting, such as help with EHR or POS software to connect with your accounting software for greater efficiency or coming up with right commission or bonus structure for your employees to help your business grow.

3 Benefits of Cloud-Based Accounting

We are cloud-based and tech-focused, bringing you the latest technology in the accounting industry to improve efficiency and deliver timely reports.

On a typical day, a business will receive various financial documents in the form of receipts, bills & statements and emails. Lose just one, and send your financials into disarray. 

Here's where BBR's cloud based accounting eases your mind:

Snap and send paperwork!


We will link your accounts for automatic delivery!

Link Accounts.jpg

Forward invoices straight from your inbox! 

Legal Aid

And we will take care of the rest!

“When I bought my first medical practice, I found I needed support in the day-to-day operations of running a business. Edina and Business Bookkeeping Resolution were huge in helping me experience great success and keep everything in line. Edina helped keep me on track, and because of her, I was able to double my business this past year.” 

— Dr. Kelly Collins, NMD

Owner/Medical Director

Premier Wellness Center and Aglow Med Spa

"Putting our medical spa in the hands of Business Bookkeeping Resolution has been one of the smartest business decisions we have ever made. We have been consistently delighted with the service they provide and frequently recommend them to our colleagues. Edina Halilovic has acted like a business partner, not only doing our accounting, but in helping us to assess some of our business decisions from an accounting perspective. Her advice has been instrumental in establishing our business, setting it up, and in helping it to grow. As new business owners, Edina's help has been invaluable. We would recommend her and Business Bookkeeping Resolution to anyone.”

— Erika Sands, Office Manager

Beyond Beauty Medical Spa



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